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Prospective Parents

How we keep in touch

We strongly believe that there is a partnership between us and you, the parents, in the caring and education of your child and that there should be an ongoing exchange of information about their progress and what is happening in their lives. There’s a number of ways we will commit to doing this including:

Regular Communication

We will send you emails to tell you about topics and special events we have coming up so you know what we are working on with the children. There is also a daily news board outside the front door on which we write every day to keep you up to date and in the know!


Our staff are always available before and after school to discuss how your child is progressing, and you are welcome to make a formal appointment at any time. Your child will also be allocated a “Key Person” who is responsible for overseeing their development and keeping their records up to date.


We host regular informal parent/teacher sessions when we will invite you to come and talk to your child's Key Person and to show you samples of your child’s work.

Day Book

Small changes can sometimes mean a lot for little children and it is important for us to know about them so that we can support them accordingly. We believe that two-way communication is vital for a caring and healthy partnership.


To aid this, Little Keys Nursery uses a Day Book where we write down anything which you may tell us about your child which may affect them on that day. This could be, for example, that they have had a bad night and could be tired or that they are excited about their Granny picking them up that day. We believe that two-way communication is vital for a successful partnership.

Bumps & Bruises - Child Protection

To comply with the National Guidelines in Safeguarding and Child protection we are required to keep a record of any injuries, bruises, cuts, etc which your child has received out of nursery time. These are kept confidentially in the Bumps and Bruises book and need to be signed by you, the parent/carer, and the staff member who is recording them.


We will keep your child safe at all times, but if any bumps do happen at the nursery, all accidents will be recorded in the Accident Book so you know exactly what happened. This will also be required to be signed by you and the witnessing staff member.